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What types of roadside assistance services do you offer?

Our roadside assistance services for trucks include jump-starts, tire changes, fuel delivery, lockout assistance, and minor mechanical repairs. Our roadside assistance extends a half-hour radius of Fredericksburg, VA, during regular business hours.

Can you provide towing services for heavy-duty trucks?

Yes, we offer Towing services for heavy-duty trucks. Our towing equipment is capable of handling a wide range of truck sizes and weights. Whether you have a light-duty, medium-duty, or heavy-duty truck, you can count on us to provide safe and reliable towing solutions.

Why is proper tire maintenance important?

Proper tire maintenance is essential for safe and efficient truck operation. At Liberty, we offer tire installations, repairs, rotations, and replacements. Our expert tire services guarantee that your truck's tires are in top condition.

What HVAC services do you offer?

At Liberty, we prioritize the comfort of truck operators. Our HVAC services include system installations, repairs, and maintenance. Our team ensures that your truck's HVAC system functions properly, providing optimal temperature control regardless of weather conditions.

How can exhaust system maintenance benefit my truck?

An efficient exhaust system is crucial for performance and emission control. Our skilled technicians can diagnose and repair exhaust system issues, from the diesel particulate filter (DPF) to the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve.

Do you handle coolant system repairs?

Absolutely! At Liberty, we offer radiator flushes, thermostat replacements, and repair or replacement of water pumps, hoses, and fan clutches.

What fuel system maintenance services do you offer?

We provide comprehensive fuel system maintenance to optimize your truck's fuel efficiency and overall performance. Our services include fuel injector cleaning and replacement, fuel filter replacement, and fuel pump repair.

How do I know if my truck needs engine diagnostics and repair?

If your truck is experiencing issues with fuel injection, ignition, or emission control systems, it may require engine diagnostics and repair. Common signs include poor engine performance, unusual noises, decreased fuel efficiency, and warning lights on the dashboard.

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Trust the diesel mechanic team at Liberty for your light to heavy-duty commercial truck & fleet services in Fredericksburg, Virginia. From towing services and DOT inspections to flywheel resurfacing and heavy equipment repair, Liberty has you covered.

Our 15 bay truck repair shop is capable of handling complex diesel repairs, and our technicians have the experience and expertise to get your truck & equipment running smoothly in no time. Get in touch with Liberty today to schedule the services you require.

"Liberty Equipment took great care of my car! The service was quick and easy. It’s great to have a team that you can trust. I highly recommend Liberty Equipment!"
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"Great company, good customer service. Will definitely be bringing my truck here for now on."

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"Liberty was very responsive to a request for help getting our RV started. They sent a mechanic out to the site it was stored at and it took them less than two hours to diagnose and fix the problem. Great service all around."


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"10/10 The team of guys here are absolutely fantastic... Whoever is in charge, you have a great bunch of guys there. Thank you so much you guys."